Melody Lea Lamb


Why Buy Melody's Art?

By Karen Lideen

Holding a Melody Lea Lamb miniature in your hand and gazing at a tiny mouse playing in a teacup or a good old hound's trusting brown eyes, the uncertain world tends to melt away. Imagination sprouts. Wonder takes flight. And you follow along happily.

Absolutely precious... Melody's work may be small, but it is HUGE in impact. ~Erin Hogan    

"Spring Chipmunk" 2.5" by 3.5" India ink and colored pencil (right)

Melody is a leader who delightfully takes us to what is good to remember: a world of beauty, calm nature and whimsy. This is art that makes us feel better if we are hurting and happier if we are blue. This is art that makes us say, "Aww." Melody's genuine positive outlook on life and her subtle hints of humor in her work lead us – for a few moments – away from uncertainty and chaos.

Every time you receive (art from Melody) it's like Christmas! ~Teresa Roland

Here on this site, you can take a little tour of "Aww" and allow yourself a few moments of wonder. Whether it's a miniature painting that catches your fancy or a pendant or Beaded Art, Melody's inspiring outlook on the possibilities of our world shine through. ~ Karen Lideen of The Beaded Pillow

Melody has the most amazing way of painting these tender, sweet moments- no artist does this better! ~The Kennys

"I love the process of creating art. When I begin a miniature painting, I find myself becoming completely enamored with my subject, whether it is a woodland creature or whimsical fairy. With each stroke I am more in awe of this spirit and throw myself into capturing what inspires me. It's a process filled with heart and my hope is that I can share some of this feeling with you in each painting I create." ~ Melody Lea Lamb

You have helped (with donations from Melody's "Run For The Critters") find final homes for many homeless senior dogs...again! ~Old Dog Haven

Melody has been painting miniature works of art known as ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions, and Originals) for over eight years. In addition to making small works of art, she illustrates children's books, makes jewelry, and crafts unique-collectible art gifts.

 Melody Lea is an amazing and talented artist and her warm heart and love for animals makes her even more special! ~Celeste 

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"Winter Squirrel"  2.5" by 3.5" India ink and colored pencil (left)

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