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A Spring Bunny with Tulips Print

A Spring Bunny with Tulips Print 
This is a print of a small, 8" x 7" India ink and colored pencil painting I recently created. The inspiration for "Spring Bunny 2014" came from seeing the beautiful burst of Spring colors that happen in the Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts in May. Winters are long here, so when those first bright tulips open in the early Spring sunshine, we all rejoice! 

The Original is available here
I've begun experimenting with the combination of still life and little animals like this bunny rabbit. I hope you enjoy my pencil painting. 

Your bunny art is printed from my Epson printer with Archival Ink and Archival Paper having a Matte Finish. My prints are rated to last 98 years if framed behind glass. 

Please remember that although I'm selling you an original, the copyright remains with me and I retain the right to produce prints and other art gifts from this little painting. This also means you may not reprint this image without my copyright permission.

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