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This is a little 5 x 7" India ink, colored pencil and some white acrylic painting. This is the story that inspired my newest work of art:

One recent morning as I was out jogging along the charming country roads of the Berkshire mountains, I glanced down to see a soft cottontail rabbit sitting quietly in the brambles. I stopped in my tracks. The bunny was so still and seemed unfazed by my presence.

I knelt down in the weeds near the little rabbit. I had never seen a cottontail that close, and I found myself moved by her big liquid brown eyes and amazingly calm demeanor. Then I realized she was badly injured…her back was broken! I quickly finished my run and began calling animal rescue groups. The response I got from the wildlife rescue professionals was that nothing could be done for the rabbit. Cottontails are so fragile that even moving her would likely have caused her to die of shock, and her injury was certainly irreparable. I was heartbroken.

The next morning little bunny was gone. I knew nature had taken its course and another animal had benefited from the injured cottontail, but I was still very sad for the her.

That evening as I was relaxing in my living room, looking out my at my lovely backyard, a cottontail rabbit suddenly appeared. The rabbit hopped slowly over to my porch steps, stood on her hind legs and peered directly at me! I caught my breath. After a moment, the rabbit slowly hopped away. I firmly believe that it was not a coincidence. Call it what you will, but I think the spirit of my little cottontail friend had passed by my porch to say, “Thank you for the care and the effort.”

This new painting is in memory of that precious cottontail rabbit.

I've painted the edges of the piece to give it a nice polish. The surface is 100% cotton illustration board that is 1/8" thick and I've included here, a step by step collage of the creative process. I've also included an example of how this little painting will look framed (not included).

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