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This is a little 5" x 5" India ink, colored pencil and watercolor painting. The inspiration for "Spring Fawn 2013" came as a result of being surrounded by Spring in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts. Baby animals are appearing along the trails and flowers are blooming in a full rainbow of colors. It's a sweet time of year for us New Englanders.

I've signed both front and back plus painted the edges of the piece to give it a nice polish. The surface is 100% cotton illustration board that is 1/8" thick. The mat and frame are not included but are here to give a feeling of how "Spring Bunny" will look framed. I also gave you a step by step collage of the creative process. 

Please remember that although I'm selling you an original, the copyright remains with me and I retain the right to produce prints and other art gifts from this little painting. This also means you may not reprint this image without my copyright permission.

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