Melody Lea Lamb



Written by Melody's "sweet angel of a sister", photograph by Savannah Lamb

Is Melody an artist who can also talk to animals—or a lover of fur and paws who also draws like a dream? Her fans can't tell where one gift ends and another begins. All they know is that the combination has led to some pretty interesting life circumstances, from teaching art in a chicken coop to composing watercolors on horseback. And that may also be why Melody's renderings of fairies and forest vistas seem as alive as her portraits of horses and cats. All creatures great or small, real or imaginary, inspire Melody's brush.

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Having done her time at art school and the gallery scene, with a successful series of commissions along the way, Melody now paints miniature masterpieces in the Berkshire Mountains while tending to a menagerie that includes a horse, a husband, three cats, two kids, and a dog … all of whom have modeled for her at one point or another. Melody's newest work is available here, several other online selling venues and on Etsy.

Being a passionate supporter of animal charity, a percentage of Melody's art goes toward animals in need!

"San Jose Mission, San Angelo, Texas"
My horse "Little Bit" and I 22x30" Watercolor and Acrylic. 1992 "My Children", 15x20"
Watercolor. 2002